sábado, 12 de julio de 2008

Lista de temas del jueves 10 de julio

  1. "Honey don't", The Beatles
  2. "I wanna be your man", The Beatles
  3. "Boys", The Beatles
  4. "You've got everything now", The Smiths
  5. "Pretty girls make graves", The Smiths
  6. "Hey Joe", The Creation
  7. "Almost grown", Wilde Flowers
  8. "Parchman Farm", Wilde Flowers
  9. "All day and all of the night", The Kinks

  10. "Hello I love you", The Doors

  11. "Velado vivo", Mataplantas
  12. "Silver rocket", Sonic Youth
  13. "Rain King", Sonic Youth
  14. "Let no man steal your thyme", The Pentangle
  15. "Market song", The Pentangle
  16. "Marlene", 17 Hippies

  17. "Hayaka Suite", 17 Hippies

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